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Frontier Brain Rules

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Frontier Brain Rules

Post by Fox on Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:07 pm

These are the rules for the Frontier Brains.

1. The Frontier Brain's team Must be theme based, for example, mono-type team, lv 1 team, Trick Room team, U-turn Team, one-tier team, weather team etc. If you need help choosing a theme, contact Erebos or myself.

2. Depending on the theme, the Frontier Brain should make a rule stating that challengers should use pokemon that fit into that category.

For example, in a lv 1 challenge, the challenger must only use lv 1 Pokemon or where the Frontier Brain uses a tier-based team, the challenger must use Pokemon from that tier or the tiers below. For example, where the Frontier Brain uses UU Pokemon, the challenger may use Pokemon from the UU tier itself, or tiers below it i.e. the NU and NFE tiers. The challenger cannot use Pokemon from the higher tiers - BL, OU or Uber unless the Frontier Brain specifies otherwise.

Against other themed teams, the challenger may use any Pokemon not banned from standard play (uber Pokemon are usually banned) unless the Frontier Brain states otherwise. We do ask, however, that the challenger does not take a whole team of the Frontier Brain's weakness as it gives an unfair advantage.

3. The Frontier Brains, and their challengers, should comply with The General Battle Frontier Rules. Frontier Brains may exclude certain rules should they wish.

4. Unless otherwise specified, all battles will be lvl 100 Single. If this is to change, the Frontier Brain must insert a clause in their own rules.

5. The Frontier Brains MUST insert a winners/losers list into their Frontier Topic. This is important so that the Admins can ensure that victorious challengers receive their Frontier symbols!

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