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Pokemon Battle Frontier Site

Post by Erebos on Mon Mar 29, 2010 3:20 pm

As you may or may not already know, we have a Pokemon Battle Frontier Site, the link to which is You may also click on the Icon which is located under 'Our Site' in the Forum Portal.

Anyways, the Site, like this forum, is still in its beginning stages. On the Site, you'll see that we have a few completed guides already on stuff like Pokemon Natures, Breeding and EV Training, and we hope to have the Egg Group guide finished shortly.

Currently, the guides contain information which is relevant when breeding and training in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Over the coming weeks, we hope to have some guides on how best to breed and train in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but we thought it would be best to wait a while until people have actually had chance to play the new games through the story first!

At the site, you'll also find a Chat Box where you can find other visitors, myself and Fox to talk to, or battle/trade with.

Also, the Site will be updated regularly with updates and so be sure to check it frequently for news!

Should anyone have any suggestions for the Site, please reply to this topic, or post a topic in Suggestions.


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