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The Gene Pool (A GW Series)

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The Gene Pool (A GW Series)

Post by Goldwriter on Tue Apr 06, 2010 12:23 am

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The Gene Pool

Part 1

The submarine sank beneath the surface of the waves, a white tide billowing around it. Moments later, the only evidence of its existence was a slight rippling, and even that subsided soon after. On the cliffs of Evergrande, three lone figures huddled together as the morning mist lifted. One was female, with flowing brown hair. The other was a child of seven, who gazed after the submarine. The third person detatched himself from the group, pulling a construction hat onto his head. He approached the cliff face, where a long chain link ladder flowed down to the sea. Kneeling down in front of the ladder, the man dragged an orange toolbox towards him, while the child fumbled with a pokéball, whispering to himself. The worker popped the lid and removed several tools. As he did so, a Pelipper shot overhead, diving into the waves. The man was steadily looking down, so he missed it. But the child saw it and raced towards the edge of the cliff. He came to a halt, peering over the edge. The Pelipper was nowhere to be seen. The man worked as the boy stood there. Adjusting his hat, the worker began pulling the ladder up the cliff face. He bundled it behind him as he pulled, and it curled up with a continuous metallic clink. The Pelliper breeched the surface of the water again, and followed the submarine’s path, occasionally dipping back beneath the waves. The boy called out, but the Pelipper was too far away to hear him. The child took a step backwards, tears stinging his face. The Pelipper was far away, and it wasn’t coming back. The boy cried out again, but he had no more luck than the first time. He ran back to his mother, sobbing. His mother embraced him, muttering into his ear, as the wind began to pick up speed. The man was finished with the ladder now, and began to roll it up. Once he had done so, he hefted it over his shoulder and turned to the other two. He tipped his hat to them, murmuring something that was lost in the wind, and trudged past them, the ladder rattling with each step. The mother pulled her son closer to her, and they turned and walked back towards the city. “I told him to find Dad…” the little boy whispered to the wind.

The Pelipper soared over the waves, its feathers glistening with brine. Occasionally, it curved downwards, plunging through the swells of the ocean, only to breech minutes later. The sun rose higher as the Pelipper continued its frantic chase. However, the submarine was much further ahead, and the Pelipper was growing tired. Soon, its wings grew heavy, as the wind picked up, and the swell rose, so that the pokémon was besieged by a constant spray of salt water. The Pelipper ignored it’s weariness, eager to carry out its master’s orders. Overnight it had to rest, and as the sea calmed, it descended towards the water, landing on the surface. It began to float on the water, using the current to carry it towards its goal, occasionally propelling itself with its feet and wings. Soon it was asleep, and only the tide and current would determine its course.
The morning came, bringing with it a new day and a fine veil of mist. Awaking in this shroud, the Pelipper relied on the wind and the waves to direct its course. As the morning wore on, the Pelipper began to doubt its success. That is, until the mist began to thin and the Pelipper gazed upon the landmass before it. The Pelipper soared over Four Island, and began to descend as Four Island became a speck behind it. Down above the sea it was warmer, and a sense of electricity was in the air. The Pelipper saw another landmass before it. Yet that wasn’t what caused it to increase its pace. There, a mile from Navel Rock, was the submarine. It was just beginning to sink into the water. Pelipper reached it within minutes, and as the submarine descended beneath the waves, so too did he.

As the water rushed past it and he held his breath, Pelipper directed itself, following the stream of bubbles emenating from the submarine’s propeller. He swerved to avoid coral formations and submerged rocks, even forcing himself to weave in and out of a shipwreck. Kareening out of the ocean, Pelipper caught its breath before submerging itself once more, streamlining after the submarine. Soon, it was underneath a shadow. It was underneath Navel Rock! The Pelipper began to worry, but he saw the bubble trail rising, losing depth, and he knew to go up. Breeching the surface of the water, the Pelipper flung itself into a hollowed out cavern. Before it lay an immense building, made of solid steel and dug into the man-made cavern. The submarine breeched the surface as well. Pelipper kept its distance, until he saw, among the countless faces emerging from the submarine, a familiar face. He had seen it almost as much as his trainer’s. As soon as the boy’s father was on dry land and began hurrying towards the facility, the Pelipper dove out of the sky, barreling towards him. But it never made it. A hole opened up in the side of the facility, and a dark net soared towards him, expanding as it came. And in moments, Pelipper was embroiled in the mesh, flapping and thrashing in vain. Several people wearing coats approached the net, and before he could register anymore, he was asleep. The scientists dragged the Pelipper into the facility, and the crowd of people silently followed.

A voice crackled over the loudspeaker.
“Take this Specimen to the Preparation Chamber immediately.” The scientists hastened to obey, and after countless reinforced doors and dozens of card swipes later, the net was dragged into a white room with an odd machine that centered around a glass tube big enough for almost any pokémon. With a hiss, the bottom of the tube opened, and Pelipper was delicately placed within, hooked up to various tubes. Then with another hiss the tube closed, and a vent opened within, emitting a clear fluid. Once the tube was full, the vent closed off. Then the various machines began their work.
Hours later, Pelipper opened its eyes. It could see and hear, but it could not move. It was completely immobilised. Not only that, but it felt strange. He heard voices, dull murmurs at first, then as its brain function properly returned, it was able to hear several words. But it could not comprehend them at all.
“Specimen 088 is ready, sir!”
“Are you certain?”
“98% chance of success, sir…”
“Indeed? Well, we have a go on the project. Insert Sample D9!”
“Inserting Sample D9!”

The liquid Pelipper was suspended in turned dark, and a black fog clouded the tube. Pelipper could no longer see, and was only just able to hear.
“Sample D9 inserted, sir!”
“Good. Initiate GP Operation…”

All of a sudden, searing pain filled Pelipper. His body ached, burned, froze and his mind was filled with a pounding feeling. He felt a range of emotions that weren’t his, which gave way to malevolent feelings. Then he was filled with fear, rage, hate and envy. His ears rang and the pain escalated, but it didn’t stop. Pelipper slipped away, until he felt absolutely nothing at all. As if everything, both body and mind, was obliterated. Though he was not aware of anything, a voice echoed through the room.
“It is done….”

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