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Fox and Erebros

PBF pokemon RPG

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PBF pokemon RPG

Post by Fox on Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:02 am

im here to try and breathe life into this rp board <<;

You can apply for major roles max (5 more if i feel nessessary)
you can still apply for a minor character role through PM, however. just fill out the form and send it to me for approval

ideally, id like to have 5 main characters, should be experienced RPers but its not necessary. No inappropriate language or content, no spirits/ghosts/magic, no godmodding or bunnying. All characters are normal, no special powers. The RPG must be written in 3rd person storybook format. No legendaries or ubers in character teams unless you ask for them first, some legends may have roles later in the story. And please only use original characters. No anime/manga characters but you may be related to them. Please type 'Happy fox' somewhere in your sign-up so i know you read the rules.

You are a young start-up trainer heading out to Professor Oak's lab to receive your starter pokemon. The card your teacher handed you states that since you graduated with honors, you can chose a special starter or one of the standard starters if you wish. It also has a list of pokemon on the inside.


The card goes on to explain that these are the alternate starter choices for you and your classmates and are available on first-come-first-serve basis.

Character Bio:

Age (10 unless youve got a good reason otherwise):
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Birth Region:
Number of Badges Earned in Birth Region:
Number of Badges Earned in other Regions:
Title (ex. Bug Catcher, Pokefan, Cool Trainer...):
Starter Choice (this is just for claim, you still have to rp going to the lab):
Bio (doesnt need to be much, just a few sentances about your background):

ill post my character after we get a few entries ^^

Also just play your character not anyone else thanks.


RPers are:


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Re: PBF pokemon RPG

Post by bladebrain on Sun May 30, 2010 6:27 am

i would pick duskull

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